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Basic Evaluation Details

A judge is scheduled to receive a basic level evaluation if they carry less than a .2 weighted caseload in each of the locations they serve.

Judges who are scheduled to receive the basic level evaluation are not in court frequently or regularly and do not have enough attorneys sitting before them to take a quantitative survey. Because these individuals also do not have enough court participants for JPEC to conduct intercept surveys, no survey is completed. No courtroom observation is done.

Minimum Performance Standards

The minimum performance standards that basic level judges are held to are:

  • To participate annually in no less than 30 hours of continuing legal education
  • To hold no cases for advisement for more than two months
  • To not be the subject of more than one public reprimand issued by the judicial conduct commission or the Utah Supreme Court

The information for the minimum performance standards is gathered from the Administrative Office of the Courts.

Public Comment

JPEC accepts public comments from the public and those comments are included in the evaluation report.  Public input into the judicial process is very important.  If you or someone you know had an experience with a judge that we should know about, please share them via our public comments page.