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JPEC 2020 Report to the Community

Justice court judges that do not qualify for full or mid-level evaluations have been historically difficult for JPEC to evaluate. […]

Implicit Bias in Attorney Evaluation of Judges and Why it Applies to Everyone, Even You

JPEC 2019 Report to the Community

Forty-four Utah judges stood for retention election in 2018. The attached Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission (JPEC) 2019 Report to the Community details […]

Five Reasons Why JPEC So Often Recommends Retention

If you take a look at, it isn’t long before you will notice all those green boxes recommending retention. […]

A Courtroom Observer’s Perspective: Judicial Retention Votes Matter

Lynell Gardner is a longstanding volunteer in JPEC’s Courtroom Observation Program. Volunteers observe, evaluate and report on judicial behavior in […]

JPEC Adds Four Commissioners

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Information to Utah Attorneys: Professionalism & Civility CLE


New Commissioner Joins JPEC

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One Commissioner’s Evolving View on Judicial Evaluation

When the Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission (JPEC) first decided to use a new concept called “procedural fairness” to assess the […]

2016 Press Coverage

JPEC thanks KUTV News, The Provo Daily Herald, and the KSL News for their interest in the judicial retention process and […]